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Tough Times & Silver Linings || Weekly Edit

♡ So proud and happy for Taylor Swift winning her court case, and I am very eager to see what her complete social media erasure means for future music. It's been far too long since I heard a new T-Swift song.

♡ I love, love, LOVE Allure's article on no longer using the term "anti-ageing". Language is such an influential thing and the more we are aware of the words we use and what they mean, the better!

♡I honestly have no words for all the things that have been happening in the world recently. I feel helpless over here in Australia; it's honestly like we're all just watching a ticking time bomb, and with every second that goes passed, things keep getting worse. Kelly from Studio DIY shared some great links and resources in her latest weekend post that will do more helps than I can.

♡ Here's acute video to put a smile on your face during the hard times, because you deserve a laugh.

♡Erica from Coming Up Roses looks super cute in this fabulous and important t-s…

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