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April in Review

I do realise that April isn't actually over yet, but I have another post planned for Friday that I need a little more time to complete, so this one got bumped up to today! I know people say this all the time, but it honestly felt like I blinked and April was gone. I didn't even notice until a few days ago that I still hadn't turned my calendar over from March, which caused me to nearly miss two important events!

Even though the last three weeks have flown by, April has still been a pretty good month for me. I read more than I did last month, but still nowhere near as much as I used to. Now that I follow and read over 100 blogs because I keep finding ones that interest me, it's hard to make time for actual books, but I'm trying. I also watched a few movies - which is something I mentioned in my 21 Before 21 post that I wanted to do more often - so I'll be talking about them in this post, as well as any songs that I've been listening to lately.

Anyway, here i…

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