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Ice Cream Decor for Ice Cream Month ♡ Collection Series #8

You guys have NO idea how happy I am that it is Ice Cream Month! It's certainly no secret that I love sweets. One of my favourite things to do is fill my house with things shaped like sweets, and things shaped like ice cream are certainly no exception!

I have been dying to share my adorable ice cream ornaments for ages now, but I made myself wait until this month because I knew that everyone would be joining in on the fun for Ice Cream Month! Okay, okay, I have shared a few pieces over on my Instagram, but I just couldn't help myself. I own so much cute stuff!

Most of these pieces are secondhand because I am the Thrift Shop Queen (my actual title, I swear), but I've seen most of the items I own on eBay as well - albeit, at a higher price.


The first piece that I can recall purchasing is the pink ice cream cookie jar. I actually bought it to go with my cookie jar collection - which I'm sure I…

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