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(More) Awesome Blogs That You Need To Follow

Back in February I shared a handful of my favourite blogs, which was met with a great response. Since then, I have discovered and fallen in love with even more blogs (I am currently following 130 blogs - and yes, I read all of them!) that I have been eager to share. 

There are so many great bloggers out there who have kind hearts and interesting minds; these are just a few that have particularly stood out to me!

Blogger/blog:Chelsea from The Girl Who Loved To Write.
Favourite post:8 Reasons to Just Be Happy Today.
Read if:you believe that every moment is special and worth appreciating.

It was honestly very difficult to pick just one post for my favourite as I absolutely love everything that Chelsea writes - especially her 'What I'm Learning' posts. The way she views the world and is so appreciative of everything she has in her life is so inspiring; it's like a lovely breath of fresh air. She has such a good heart and reading her blog has definitely encouraged me to live in …

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