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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Baking/Homeware Haul

San Churro, which I visited on my birthday
Firstly, I feel the need to explain why there is no Sunday Savings post this week. The past two weeks have been absolutely hectic. I have been sick for quite a while now, I had to take time off both school and work, and it all escalated on Wednesday night when I had to go to the hospital.

I'd had an earache as a side effect from my ongoing cold. The doctor said there was no infection and that I'd just have to rest and wait for it to pass. I spent nearly two full days in bed, but ended up becoming bored out of my mind so on Wednesday I got up, did some house work and washed my hair - what a mistake that turned out to be!

I tried so hard not to get water in my ear, but I apparently did not succeed, and ended up in Daniel's arms, crying from the pain because it felt like someone was trying to push a rock into my ear. At 12:30am, it got a lot worse and I started hearing a really loud thunderstorm sound in my ear, so we decided to go to the hospital.

On the way there, my ear actually popped and the pain became a lot more bearable. As I was no longer in that much pain, I wasn't seen until 4am (which I totally understand as there were people who were definitely worse off than me). It took the doctor 5 minutes to look into my ear and tell me that I had a small burst in my ear drum. She prescribed me antibiotics and I went home and hibernated until lunch the next day.

Since I had to take time off work, and still have to pay rent, I did not visit the op shops this week, but I do have some cute things I bought from ALDI a few weeks ago to show you, and the things I bought with my birthday gift card!

From ALDI I got some cake moulds in the shapes of the numbers 0-4, some pink "ready to roll" icing, and pink bunting flags, which I am absolutely in love with. Daniel also bought me two pink lolly jars from ALDI, which we then filled with lollies from Kmart. Kmart's lollies are extremely cheap, but due to their small size in comparison to the large jars, we ended up spending $14 on them!

Also from Kmart, we picked up a door mat, which I have been wanting for a while. It's just a simple black one that says "Welcome", but I decided to put it at the door "backwards", so when we leave the house, it's like the world is welcoming us. Cheesy, I know, but what's life without whimsy?

I spent the rest of my gift card at Target, which is a store that I haven't stepped into in years. I was actually going to see if they had any stationary items (I wanted to buy washi tape to decorate things with), but I saw the home wares and the rest is history.

I bought three things, all donut-themed. The first thing I saw was actually a donut cookie jar (which is something I used to collect, but I recently decided to cull my collection, and now I only have 5 left), but I picked up the wrong box and accidentally bought these donut stacking bowls instead. It basically looks exactly the same, except that these are four separate bowls that each act as the one below's lid (except for the top one, which has its own lid).

I also bought was a porcelain coffee cup with a donut pattern on it. Coffee cups are another thing I collect (although they're really a part of my bigger collection of mugs and cups in general), so when I saw one that had donuts on it, I knew I had to buy it.

Lastly, I saw a placemat for $1 that had the same donut pattern as the coffee cup, so I got that too. Not sure what I'll use it for, but it won't be as a placemat, since we don't eat a table. I'm thinking I might use it as a background for some photos. Otherwise, I'll just place it somewhere in the house to go on display.

I'm not sure if there will be a Sunday Savings post next week either, as money will be a bit tight until I get my normal hours back, but I'll always try to have a post up on Fridays and Sundays, even if they're not the usual adventure and/or Sunday Savings post (don't worry though, I've still got a few back-up adventures to write about, and more happening in the upcoming months).

Until next time,
Indya xx