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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sunday Savings #2

Part of me is regretting coming up with the idea of these Sunday Savings posts as it has changed the way I shop. I used to buy things if I happened to see something I like, but now I feel like I have to buy things so I have something to write about, so my wallet isn't very happy at the moment - but then I look at all the cute things I bought and I feel a little better!

However, it is proving to be more difficult to find the original prices of some items that I had anticipated, so today's entry is more about my Sunday Spendings, rather than my Sunday Savings.

 The first thing I'll talk about is this book on origami since I was able to find its original price quite easily. There were heaps of different online shops to purchase it from, but I compared it to the price that Book Depository have it for, as that is the website I buy most of my books from (when I actually buy them brand new).

Book Depository's usual price for Everything Origami is $24.95, but at the moment it is 9% off, so it's only $22.61. I bought my copy for $3.99 - although, to be fair, since I got mine second hand, I didn't get the 123 origami sheets with it.

Total spent: $3.99

Total saved: $18.62

The rest of the things I bought I could not find online ANYWHERE. They're all very generic items that could be made by a range of people, and NONE of them have ANY indication as to what brand made them or where they are from.

Whilst I am certainly not one to care about brands, at least most people can judge what a certain brand's items are worth. With items that have no label whatsoever, you run the risk of paying more than you needed to. However, as these were all thrifted, I'm sure I got them for a pretty good price.

This wooden teapot was $2.99.

A Paris tin, which I have no purpose for as of yet, and frankly no room for either, but I simply had to have it so I could add it to the ever-growing list of belongings I own that have the Eiffel Tower and/or something Paris-themed on it.

As I prepare to type of the cost I feel as though I may have paid a tad too much, but nothing will stop me from adding to my collections!

It cost $4.99.

I already have a perfectly good set of marble coasters that I love from Kmart (a.k.a, one of my favourite places on Earth), but there was no way I pass up something cute and pink with cupcakes AND tea cups on it, so I picked these up coasters as well.

They were $2.99 for the set of four.

Once again, my devotion to my collections won me over on these purchases, and I picked up both of these cupcake tins for $5 each - before realising that I already have some heart shaped cupcake moulds already, but those ones are made of silicon, which I'm always nervous about cooking with (I had some melt on me once, but now I am not so sure that they were silicon after all), plus these ones have cute little hearts in the middle too, so I'm still glad I got them.

All of these items cost me under $20 (with my student discount on Sundays) and while I probably won't use any of them for quite a while (except maybe the origami book, Daniel seemed really excited to give some of them a go, and I do have lots of paper with pretty patterns on them), I still love picking up cute little knick knacks like these - and I especially love when people come over and are taking aback with all the things I own; it almost feels like an accomplishment. Almost.

Until next time,

Indya xx