Friday, 14 October 2016

Cups and Mugs ♡ Collection Series #2

Everyone always says that I own a lot of cups/mugs, and in reality I know I do, but it also feels like I don't own that much since they're so spread out, and some aren't on display. After taking photos of them all (except for two that I forgot! A Hello Kitty glass, and a mug that says "craft makes me happy!" - sorry!), I figured out that I have over 50 altogether, but even that doesn't seem like a large number to me. Don't get me wrong though, I love my collection - although it is scary to think that I acquired most of these over the last 7 months. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

A few years ago I collected a set of mugs with different moustaches on them, but most of ended up breaking. The remaining two are now in the "useable" section of the cupboards, so I don't count them as part of my collection, since I don't use the mugs in my collection anymore (to prevent them from breaking like the moustache mugs). Don't worry though, I have plenty of plain glasses and mugs that are for everyday use, so it's not like I don't let people use any cups at all!

I would really love to have an outlandish collection of cups and mugs one day. I'm talking numbers well into the hundreds, a whole wall and/or room dedicated to them even, but it's just not practical while I am still living in a small place, especially since just these ones alone are going to be a nightmare to move when the time comes! Some day in the future, when I own my own house, I want my collections to be so big they'll literally make your jaw drop, but that's just me being greedy.