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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunday Savings #6

I feel like I don't even need to start this post with "I know I said I was going to save, but..." because by now you all know that I can't resist anything that's cute, or pink, or in the shape of a mug or book - so let's ignore the fact that I have a shopping problem, and move on to the cute things I bought. There isn't actually too much this week, so it still feels like a victory to me!

This cup actually proves that I did cut back a bit on my spendings this week as there were four of these cups, and I contemplated getting them all, before settling on two, before asking myself why on earth did I need two when I really didn't even need one, so I decided to just get one. It was only 75 cents each too, so I hardly felt guilty for getting it at all.

On the bottom it says "Polka Dot by Riviera Van Beers for Signature Housewares Incorporated", but no matter how many different ways I Googled those words, I could not for the life of me find this mug anywhere! I'm still confident in my purchase though; I can't recall the last time I found something this cute for only 75 cents.

Last year, I was obsessed with the colour yellow, which my tumblr archive can verify. It was the same time I fell into the art blog scene; where everyone was obsessed with yellow, sunflowers and Van Gogh (during those months I read so many books about him, I feel like I know him inside and out) - and, even though I am definitely more into pink now (which is thanks to 10-year-old me coming out of her shell again), I still have a soft spot for yellow. It's a very happy colour; it makes me think of sunshine and positiveness and all things good, so I thought this would be a nice thing to have in my house. It's engraved with "SE '96" on the bottom, but I couldn't find anything like it online. Still, it's cool to know that this plate is as old as I am!

Oh, items that are pink with polka dots, how you always defeat me. I don't even know what this item is meant to be (a vase? A cup? A toothbrush holder?), but I knew I had to have it. It fits in perfectly on my shelves with the other pink and polka dot items from my fourth Sunday Savings post.

It has no words on it anywhere, so I was unable to find it online. I saw a very similar item being sold on eBay (as a toothbrush holder), for 1.67 EURO, which works out to be $2.47 AUD - just a mere 47 cents more than what I spent.

Total spent: $2
Total saved: $0.47

This is probably my favourite purchase of the day. I've seen these online and have been wanting them for a while, so when I saw them for just $2, I was very happy. I love collecting cake and cupcake molds - and they're in the shape of tea cups, which is something else I collect! So much happiness from one product, but that was nothing compared to when I looked up the price for them, and discovered that they're worth $36.90 AUD! It must be a very popular product, or at least a well-known brand. I almost feel like I won the lottery.

Total spent: $2
Total saved: $34.90

Of course, no Sunday Savings post is complete without some book purchases. I have been using Goodreads a lot lately, which always inspires me to read non-stop.

Nearly every single time I step into an op shop, I see a copy of How to Kill Your Husband. On one hand, that could mean that it's a really bad book, but on the other, it could just mean that heaps of people read it, and liked it, but then gave it away because what good are books once you've read them? (That was rhetorical, as I don't get rid of books unless I despise them.)

I almost purchased it for $4, but decided against it when I remembered a bad review I read of it, but then I went to Vinnies and raided their 50c book section and saw it there, and decided to pick it up. Even a bad book is good if it only costs 50c. It is currently unavailable on Book Depository, but is priced at $19.99, which is pretty average.

Total spent: $0.50
Total saved: $19.49

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

Animal Farm by George Orwell is one of those books that everyone says you have to read at least once, and since I have a personal goal to read most classics, I have been looking for this book for quite a while. This exact edition is also currently unavailable on Book Depository, but they list the price as $10.05, which is honestly not bad for a book, but then again, it is only 144 pages long - and it's still more than the $2 that I paid.

Total spent: $2
Total saved: $8.05

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

I've heard a lot about Nick Hornby's books High Fidelity and About a Boy (as have many others when you consider how many reviews they have on Goodreads), so when I found High Fidelity and another title of his, I decided to pick them up. A Long Way Down has some great reviews on the back, including one by Johnny Depp. Plus they look fairly easy to read, which is good because I like to read a lot of quick and easy books while I also tackle some really long ones (I've been reading The Second Sex for nearly 6 months). This edition of A Long Way Down is also currently unavailable on Book Depository (I don't know what's going on there, perhaps because they're older editions?) and the price isn't listed, but other paperback versions on this book are listed as $12.80. I was unable find the exact edition of High Fidelity on Book Depository, but another edition that was published the same year is priced at $19.26.

Total spent: $5.25
Total saved: $26.81

Total spent overall: $13.75
Total saved overall (excluding the 2 items whose original prices I don't know): $89.72

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

This week's purchases were actually made at Salvos and Vinnies, rather than Savers like usual, and I feel like I saved a lot more money, especially at Vinnies. Savers prices are a lot higher since their workers are actually paid, and they just seem to know their brands better - which is another reason why I enjoy going to Salvos and Vinnies every now and then; they may have a smaller variety, but you're likely to save more money in the end.

Until next time,
Indya xx