Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Female Artists I Admire || Weekly Musings

I have been dying to start these posts since I began this blog, but I really had trouble thinking of a name for them. These posts will be much like those "Friday Favourites" and "Wishlist Wednesday" posts that a lot of bloggers do, but I wanted mine to be a little more broad than a wishlist; I want to write about anything that I am currently loving: food, clothes, TV show, writers, artists, etc. Anything that makes me happy. That being said, I am dedicating this first post to some awesome female artists, since there are so many out there that inspire me.

1. Elora from Elorasaurus.
I first discovered Elora on Instagram when she released her Pretty Guardian Cry Baby Sailor Moon enamel pins a few months back, and everyone went crazy for them (which is understandable as they are gorgeous. They're currently sold out on her Etsy, but if you browse her Instagram you'll find plenty of photos of them). I hadn't started collecting pins at the time, but I loved the design so I bought a 4x6 art print of it, pictured above, instead.

Since then, Elora has added a bunch more pins, prints and other items to her Etsy, and is set to sell more Sailor Moon-themed pins in the near future (which I have been saving up for!), but honestly I also just admire Elora for who she is. She's kind, talented, and loves cake (according to her Instagram bio), vintage items, and art . She is my dream best friend.

2. Kayley from Kayley Draws.
The decision to follow Kayley on Instagram was one of the best decisions of my life. Every single post of hers is adorable and uplifting and just so sweet they could give you a cavity. Not only is she a sweetheart with amazing hair who owns an adorable pug, but she is also an awesome illustrator and pin maker.

Pictured above is an example of the custom 2 person portraits she does (which is high on my wish list! I really want to get one of Daniel and I). She also does custom 1 person portraits and blog headers, as well having a range of gorgeous prints with cute pictures and uplifting words (one of the greatest things about Kayley is her positivity) available on her Etsy.

3. Annya Karina Marttinen.
Aside from having a name that rolls off the tongue ever-so-satisfyingly, and an Instagram feed that even the world's most revered photographers would be envious of, Annya also has an Etsy account filled with her beautiful artwork on prints and postcards.

Annya states on her Etsy account that her artwork is inspired by the little things: quiet moments, vintage fashion and the comfort of home - which makes sense once you browse through her illustrations and notice that warm, at-home feel that they give you. They personally make me think of autumn and hot chocolates every time I look at them. If you're a self-confessed bookworm and/or bibliophile like myself, you'll be pleased to see that many of Annya's works feature piles of books and/or bookshelves as well.

4. Mel Macklin.
Mel Macklin's art is spectacular. Breath-taking. I'd even go as far as saying it's ethereal, which is a word I never use because I don't feel that anything truly suits it's definition, but that's how much I admire Mel Macklin's work. The above photo is of her "The World Can Wait" print, which is inspired by Sailor Moon, so of course it's my favourite. According to her Instagram, Mel is from Melbourne just like me, and I can hardly contain my excitement knowing that someone so talented comes from the same city as I do.

Over own Mel's Etsy account, you'll find countless cards, stickers, prints and even jewellery of her gorgeous artwork that draws inspiration from a range of things such as Alice in Wonderland, ballet, Adventure Time, mermaids, Sailor Moon, The Wizard of Oz, her love of animals, Strawberry Shortcake, The X-Files, and much more. You won't need my convincing once you take a look at her work though; her pure talent and attention to detail alone will be enough for you to fall in love with Mel and everything she creates, all on your own.

5. Wasted Rita.
Rita is very different from the artists I've listed so far, but still one of my all-time favourites. I resonate with her above piece, called "Move, bitch", so much. That's why I love Rita's work; it's honest, real and incredibly raw stuff. I particularly love her pieces that are a play on words and phrases, which inspired me to do my own mediocre doodles and word play.

Anyone who is uncomfortable with swearing and/or graphic sexual references should approach with caution when researching her work, as those themes pop up a lot in both her words and her illustrations, but she also has plenty of funny, relatable and motivating pieces as well.

6. Becky Helms from The Pink Samurai.
In a perfect world, Becky Helms (it feels weird to call people their real names when I'm so used to referring to them as their Instagram and/or blog handle) would be my best friend. Or my cool older sister. Or both. I thought that I had a lot of stuffed toys, Pokemon items and shelves filled with things I only ever look at and never play with or use - until I saw Becky's impressive and almost scary collections.

Not only does Becky love everything cute, pink, Sailor Moon and/or cat-related (just like me!), she also designs super cute badges, pins and stickers that are available in her shop. The "Magical Girl Gang" pin pictured above is high on my wishlist!

7. Able and Game.
Okay, technically Able and Game is run by a woman and her husband, but as Anna is the one who designs the cards, so I thought it'd be okay to include them in this list. Anna and her husband Gareth (I am just noticing that their names start with the same letters as their company... perhaps it's a couple nickname or something?) are from Melbourne, and they make cute n' quirky cards and stationary, as well as a few other random pieces.

In their Etsy shop, Able and Game have cards for lots of different occasions, as well as cards that don't seem to be aimed towards any specific event, but are unique enough to be interesting all on their own. They also have a selection of cards that are a play on city and suburb names within Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Some are cute, some are funny, some I just don't understand at all, but that's what makes Able and Game so wonderful. They're unique, not afraid to take chances and, ultimately, just want you make you smile.

8. Liz Climo.
Liz Climo is not only an animator for The Simpsons, she is also a children's author and illustrator, as well as a comic artist. The above comic, of Rory the Dinosaur (who has two books dedicated to him) and his dad, is my absolute favourite, but honestly I am yet to find a comic of Liz's that I don't enjoy.

I am pretty sure the first comic of Liz's that I ever saw was this one - and if it wasn't, it was certainly the first one that was engrained into my mind. I love the pure innocence of it, and that's what Liz's comics are about. They're wholesome, funny, feel-good stories that will leave you wanting more.

9. Lady Crappo.
I'm not sure if Lady Crappo calls herself an artist, but I certainly consider her to be one, and an amazing one at that. She has a whole blog dedicated to nail art that she does on her real nails with tiny paintbrushes - while dealing with a hereditary hand tremor!

Each design she does is as breathtaking as the last, but I particularly like the piece above because of its detail. I couldn't do something like if I had hours and hours to do so. She has a few tutorials on her blog, tips on nail care and how to clean your brushes, and explains the reason behind her unique and memorable blog name.

10. Mirrors Me.
MirrorsMe, whose real name I do not know, calls herself a "doodler" in her Instagram bio, but her works are so beautiful and detailed, I personally don't think they fit the definition of "doodles".

The two posts above are a few of my favourites out of her recent drawings, but I don't feel that these truly show off her skills. I think that these three posts are more accurate representations of her talent. One thing is for sure: she must be incredibly patient - and right-handed, surely. I'm left-handed, and I can't imagine being able to draw incredible drawings like these without ruining them with the side of my hand.

Until next time,
Indya xx

(P.S. I have no affiliation with any of the artists I mention, nor do any of them know me or my blog, I just really admire their work!)