Friday, 12 May 2017

Berry Glazed Donuts

It is National Doughnut Week in the UK! Founded in 1991 by Christopher Freeman from Dunn's Bakery, National Doughnut Week is the one week per year that participating High Street bakers help raise money through their donut sales for The Children's Trust, UK's leading charity for children with brain injury.

Truth be told, I was just browsing various novelty holiday sites when I first discovered that May 6th-13th was National Doughnut Week, and I didn't actually look into why it exists until now, but what a great reason it is! Make sure to keep an eye on the National Doughnut Week Facebook page to see how much they raise by the end of the week.

Berry Glazed Donuts || The Small Adventurer

I love donuts a lot. I have to restrain myself from buying some every time I go to the supermarket (which is something I definitely don't always succeed in!). As much as I love donuts, though, I don't make them very often. In fact, these donuts don't even really count as donuts, but they're the only type of donuts I've ever made.

They are actually more like small, round cakes, since they are designed for donut makers. I had planned for make "real" donuts for this post, but I got really sick over this last week and ended up running out of time, so I decided to just whip up some mini donuts in my donut maker instead. I promise you that one day I will make real donuts, even though dough is so annoying to work with!

Anyway, back the donuts I made. I followed this recipe that I found by simply Googling the best donut recipe for donut makers, forgetting that I already have a recipe that I really like for them in my recipe journal. They are extremely similar though, and the donuts turned out fine (albeit a bit undercooked, but that's my fault for worrying about burning them too much!).

I decided to stick to a plain donut recipe since I knew I wanted to make a unique icing/glaze to dip them in. I saw a photo of these donuts with berry icing on Pinterest and fell in love immediately. I also always have some frozen berries in my freezer, meaning that I could try a new recipe without buying new ingredients, which would certainly help my no-spend month.

Berry Glazed Donuts || The Small Adventurer

I was halfway through making the glaze when my partner reminded me that I have already tried to make a glaze for donuts before and it didn't work; the glaze was too runny and never set. Fear instantly set in, but I persevered once I tasted the glaze and discovered that it was delicious. In fact, it was delicious before I even added the powdered sugar, but I obviously needed to add that in to thicken it, and increase the quantity.

However, just like last time, the glaze was just not as thick as I had hoped. It looked perfect in the bowl - even when dipping the donuts in, I was convinced it was thick enough to sit nicely until it somewhat set - but after sitting on the plate for a little while, the glaze started to run and create little pools under the donuts.

Berry Glazed Donuts || The Small Adventurer

I still love the taste of this glaze/icing - and I'm even more in love with its vibrant colour - but I am just going to have to keep trying different tips and tricks until I can successfully make a glaze icing that won't seep onto the plate (even if I might miss licking the plate afterwards!).

There are so many unique donut recipes that I've come across thanks to Pinterest, so this certainly won't be the last time you see donuts mentioned on my blog. From jam donuts, to coffee donuts, to upside-down pineapple donuts - there are just so many different ways to have these delicious treats, and I want to try them all!

Until next time,
Indya xx