Monday, 29 May 2017

Pink Macarons with Buttercream Filling

I made a mistake. When I was researching novelty holidays for the year and writing down each one that interested me, it turns out that I read one incorrectly and didn't realise until after I had made the recipe that I thought would go with said novelty holiday.

You see, I thought May 31st was Macaron Day. It is not. It is Macaroon Day. Me, being the novice I am when it comes to cooking, must have assumed they were the same thing with alternative spelling or pronunciation. It certainly doesn't help that when you Google "macaroon", pictures of macarons still come up, but regardless, May 31st is not Macaron Day.

As silly as I felt when I realised my blunder, I definitely think this is a great example of a happy accident. I've loved macarons for a while now, and have wanted to try making them for just as long. I always thought they were extremely difficult to make, which is why I never tried, but when it comes to creating content for my blog, I become a little more brave. So, when I thought it was going to be Macaron Day, I convinced myself to finally try and make them - and I'm so glad I did.

I had no idea macarons were meringue-based, or else I would have made them a lot sooner. I perfected meringues when I was still in my pre-teen years and, up until I made this blog, they were the only thing I could confidently make in the kitchen.

It's hard to escape the craze that is macarons if you spend any of your time online, especially on sites such as Pinterest, which is where I found some different shaped and themed macaron recipes that I'd like to try later in the year. 

I got the recipe for these macarons from How To Cook That, which is a blog that I personally really admire. Her recipes are always very easy to follow, and there's also video instructions so you can watch her demonstrate each step. She has such a lovely, calming voice as well, which is definitely helpful for me as I am usually quite nervous when baking.

Out of all the baking things that I own, I don't have a good baking tray to put things like cookies and such on, so I had to pipe half of my macarons onto a pizza tray, and half onto a long, thin tray. I ended up doing two batches as I had a lot of mixture left over once I had filled both trays up. 

The pizza tray did not serve well as a baking tray as both batches that were piped onto those trays ended up cracking, and became lightly brown on the bottom. The pizza tray was much, much lighter than the other tray, which made rapping it on the bench more difficult. 

With the other tray, it was already heavy enough to help bring it down onto the bench with a nice bang, but the pizza tray seemed to float down too gently, not matter how hard I pushed. They didn't all come out completely perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them as it is my first try. The mostly cracked macarons were still just as delicious as the other ones, they just didn't make the cut for the photo shoot. 😋 

For the filling, I wanted to make a chocolate ganache as I know how delicious that is, but I had no chocolate in the house (about time too, we just finished our Easter chocolate a week ago!), so I made some buttercream icing and dyed it pink because, well, I love pink. 

The macarons were nearly all gone the same day I made them solely because I just couldn't help myself! I really loved how they came out and honestly feel really proud of myself. I think these are probably the best things I've made so far (although the gumdrops, banana bread, and Easter egg nests were all pretty good too...).

I've really been enjoying trying more recipes and recently invested in a gorgeous stand mixer - that came with a dough hook! - in hopes to 'up' my baking game even more. Who knows, if I get any good at it, it might be a career option for me. Or even an idea for something to study at uni or TAFE after Daniel has graduated. It's so exciting thinking about all the unknown possibilities that the future holds. I hope you stick around to see what pans out for me!

Until next time,
Indya xx