Friday, 30 June 2017

Sailor Moon Collection ♡ Collection Series #7

My Sailor Moon collection is one of my newest collections, but it's also one of my biggest, which is why it's taken me so long to get around to sharing it. Well, that, and the fact that I just keep adding to it, but I digress. 

I decided to finally bite the bullet and take all the necessary photos for this post as today - June 30th - is actually Sailor Moon's birthday! It's also Chibiusa's birthday, because sharing a name just wasn't enough for those two! Anyway, I thought this would be the perfect excuse to share my collection.

It's actually pretty terrifying to think that I only owned one Sailor Moon item (a shirt) before August last year, when Daniel found a bunch of Sailor Moon DVDs at Savers, and thus rekindling my love for the series.

I soon received the Sailor Mars Pop Vinyl for my birthday (I told my best friend that's what I wanted, and she did not disappoint), and instantly bought myself the Sailor Moon one after that. 

By January, I had all the Sailor Scout Pop Vinyls (including Tuxedo Mask, but excluding the Sailor Moon stick + glitter variants), plus three miniaturely tablets, and a shot glass set - which are all from Zing Pop Culture.

Since then, I just haven't stopped. I mostly buy Sailor Moon pins, which I initially planned to include in this post, but there is already so many photos to show you, I'll just wait until I do a full pin collection post to show you those. You can see most of my Sailor Moon pins on Instagram for now.

Now onto the rest of my collection! Jewellery-wise, I have two chokers: a (very incorrectCrisis Moon Compact one, and Sailor Moon's first choker in the anime - which is in the second picture of this post. 

The Luna and Artemis collar clips are from We're All Mad Here, and the hair clip isn't actually a Sailor Moon item, but as it's shaped like a crescent moon, I decided to put it with my collection.

The smallest figurines in my collection are from the Petit Chara series, and the slightly taller Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars figurines are Q Posket Petit Figures, Vol. 1. You will also see that I have the boxes from the Q Posket figurines on display as well.

The small, pink top part of the Cutie Moon Rod is a Prism Powered Dome, the red stick is Sailor Mars' Star Power Stick, and the Luna and Artemis patch is from Moon Phase Pins!

Daniel ordered the two manga box sets for me from Book Depository, which is my favourite place to buy books, other than thrift stores. They were both on sale at the time, saving us over $60.

The Sailor Moon Cry Baby print that lives on my office wall is from Elorasaurus, who is one of my favourite human beings. I can't thank the internet enough to allowing me to discover her work, and her wonderfully colourful Instagram.

The Artemis and Luna crossbody bags, pictured below, were another eBay purchase. They are super easy to find as so many shops stock them. I went for the cheapest option with the most positive feedback.

I am so in love with them as they fit both my digital camera and my Polaroid camera inside! You may remember the Luna version from my first OOTD post.

Last but certainly not least, my two Sailor Moon shirts. I love them both, which means I hardly wear them as I am afraid of ruining them. 

The Chibiusa top is all over eBay, and the Fight Like A Girl top was a RedBubble purchase from over a year ago so I can't find the exact one I bought, but this version is pretty close to it.

In case you hadn't realised yet, I absolutely love Sailor Moon. It's been so cool discovering the fan base online over this last year. It's also been quite surprising, as most of the fans I've found are 10+ years older than me! They have full time jobs, houses and kids, and they still love Sailor Moon - which is awesome. I love people who simply like what they like, and don't care what other people think. Life is about being yourself and doing the things that make you happy!

Until next time,
Indya xx
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