Monday, 12 June 2017

What I've Been Reading: Sailor Moon Manga

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that Daniel bought me all 12 volumes of the Sailor Moon manga for our four year anniversary this month, and it has definitely re-sparked my love of reading. 

I have been dying to get to know how the story and characters were truly meant to be, as there was a lot of changes made in the anime - especially the English dub, which is the one I've seen. I've heard from many people that it's better to watch the Japanese version with subtitles, but it's not available to purchase here in Australia, so I had to make do with the English dub. Which I still love, by the way.

What I've Been Reading: Sailor Moon Manga

I finished the first two volumes of the manga in a couple of days, and I am so in love. The artwork is breathtakingly beautiful, and the dialogue is also far less cringe-y than the anime. I know it's a show for kids, and as I watch primarily children's shows and movies I am more than used to cheesy, motivational speeches and such, but I still love the mature side to all the characters that is showed in the manga.

Sailor Moon, especially, grows up a lot. She does this in the anime too, but I feel like she's far more eloquent with her words in the manga. Something else that I have noticed is that the manga is a lot more plot-based, and less concerned with character profiles and subplots.

What I've Been Reading: Sailor Moon Manga

For example, as far as I remember, in the anime it is mentioned quite early on that Sailor Jupiter loves baking, and it is brought up quite often. I am up to the third volume of the manga (at the time of writing this), and there has no been no mention of her passion for baking yet (or, if there has been, it was very quick and skimmed-over, which is why I can't remember it).

That being said, I feel like the manga explained Sailor Venus far better than the anime. When I watched the anime, I never understood why she was aware of her powers all along, and just showed up when she wanted to, but the manga explained her past in more detail, which I was super happy about. 

What I've Been Reading: Sailor Moon Manga

It's taking me a while to get used to reading right to left, and to learn their Japanese names. I'm used to people calling Sailor Moon 'Usagi' rather than Serena, and the only differences for Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mar's names is a couple of letters (Ami/Amy and Rei/Raye, respectively), but the rest of the names are quite different. 

Sailor Venus' manga name isn't too complex, which is Minako instead of just Mina. However, Sailor Jupiter goes from Lita in the anime to Makoto in the manga; Tuxedo Mask goes from Darien in the anime to Mamoru in the manga; Molly is called Naru Osakain the manga; and Melvin is Gurio Umino. I sure am glad there's so many pictures in manga, as that helps me learn who each character is all over again!

What I've Been Reading: Sailor Moon Manga

I am yet to come in contact with the outer Sailor Senshi, so I'm not even sure what their names in the manga are! I am really enjoying learning the story as Naoko Takeuchi first imagined it though, and it's definitely making me want to watch Sailor Moon Crystal as that follows the manga more than the 90's TV show did.

I'm really excited for Chibiusa and the outer Senshi to be introduced. I follow a lot of Sailor Moon fans on Instagram and everyone seems to absolutely love the outer Senshi (especially Saturn, I have noticed), and I am very intrigued to see what all the fuss is about!


Is there any Japanese manga and/or anime that you recommend? I've watched a lot of Fullmetal Alchemist and loved it, and am hoping to purchase Death Note for Daniel sometime this year so we can watch it together. 

Neither of those shows are anything like what I usually watch (ie: happy, fun, innocent kids' shows), but the stories are just so intriguing, they're worth going through the suspense and shock that anime so often brings.

Until next time,
Indya xx