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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Mini Living Room Tour

I had all the intentions of writing a Sunday Savings post today, but I only bought two books (My Steve and Palo Alto), which really isn't enough to do an entire post about. However, I still felt like posting something today, so I decided to show some of my favourite parts of our living room.

Daniel and I have been living in this house (which is actually a unit, but I always refer to it as a house out of habit) since March, but it's still quite unfurnished, so I've been refraining from posting photos of it as it does look quite bare. However, there are some cute aspects of each room, so I'll just show you those parts for now.

These shelves are two of my favourite things in our house. The white ones on the left were from the Reject Shop, and they're mostly filled with cups and mugs that you would've seen in my collection post, as well as other various knickknacks, two lollie jars and a small gumball machine. 

The brown shelf on the right is my baking shelf. It's filled with an abundance of cake and cookie moulds, decorating items, cook books, a donut maker, a fondue fountain, and more. Eventually, we plan to paint the door pink as well, and the rest white, but that probably won't happen for a while because it took a very long time to sand down just the drawer and paint it.

A little look into the drawer of the baking shelf. The jar of salsa has a bunch of different nozzles for piping bags inside of it. I plan to do various collection posts about all the things in this shelf so I don't want to show you too much just yet.

A sneak peek into the cupboard of the baking shelf. I have so many different moulds for cakes and cupcakes, it makes me so happy to look at them all. I am really excited to do a collection post about them all, I'm just dreading having to photograph them all and then try to fit them all back in!

This is another shelf in a different corner of the living room. As you can see, it's mostly filled with various Eiffel Tower items (which is another future collection post), as well as photos of me and a few friends, and two clocks that I don't use (like most of my belongings). The cupboard underneath is where I keep my DVDs, which there really isn't many of. 

 On top: three cookie jars, which are part of a smaller collection of mine (one that used to be bigger, as was my collection of money boxes, but I downsized on those things a little while ago), and a canvas with my name on it that my uncle made me for my 18th birthday, since he knows I like graffiti. (If you stalk my Instagram back to 2014, you'll find quite a few photos of various graffiti pieces that I've found around Melbourne.)


I've recently discovered that the digital camera I bought about a year ago is actually a lot better than my phone, so I used that to take these photos. I have also learnt some basics about using Photoshop - I am quite late, I know - so hopefully the photos I use in my posts will get progressively better over time. I really do want to put everything I have into this blog. Writing makes me so happy, and there are so many blogs out there that I love to read, whose posts really interest me, and I want to people to feel like that about my blog one day.

I'm currently toying with other ideas for posts, as I cannot go on a new adventure every single week and I will eventually run out of collection posts to do (although it will take some time), but I also want to make sure that the things I post are 100% me, and are about things that I really do love, as passion and genuineness (which honestly doesn't sound like a real word, but it is) really does make a difference in someone's writing.

Until next time,
Indya xx