Monday, 31 October 2016

October In Snapshots

Yet another month of 2016 is over, which means there's only two more left until we're in 2017 - AKA the year I turn 21, which is absolutely terrifying. (I know that 21 is not old whatsoever, but it still really scares me.) Most days I still feel 12. In fact, I constantly forget that I am actually over 18. Just the other day I saw a DVD in a store that was R18+ and I thought, "Oh, I can't buy that" (not that I watch R rated movies anyway - too scary for me!) before releasing that I am in fact 20 years old.

Anyway, October wasn't particularly too busy for me or Daniel. My school closed, so I don't get to finish my diploma, which sucks, but I wasn't particularly enjoying it anyway. In fact, going to beauty school made me realise even more how much I love writing. Other than that, Daniel and I both worked, had a few small adventures, and saw some friends. Now that I realise how much I love my camera, I always have it with me, so I have some photos from this month to share with you. They're just simple photos of little things that caught my eye, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

In between taking photos, going for walks (now that the weather isn't always so bad!) and reading heaps, I have been writing a lot of blog posts. It's difficult to not post them each one day after another, but I'm trying to refrain from doing so in case I run out of ideas for a while and have nothing to post.

My number one goal is to have at least one post a week, on Fridays, which will most likely be an adventure or a collection post. I'm also planning on doing "What I Love Wednesday" posts - much like the ever-popular Friday Favourites/Wednesday Wishlist/Things I Like Thursday posts that lots of blogs do - which will hopefully be posted weekly, or at least every second week. Any other bonus posts will most likely be posted on Mondays so they are all evenly spread out, and Sunday Savings posts will pop up whenever I hit up the secondhand stores!

Until next time,
Indya xx