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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sunday Savings #5

I told myself I wasn't going to do a Sunday Savings post this week because I really need to start saving my money, but Daniel and I had some time to kill and decided to have a quick look in Savers and... well, the rest is history.

This first item was a bit of a fail. As soon as I saw it, I remembered that I'd seen it in Target before and assumed that I'd be saving no matter what, since Target has gotten a lot pricier as I've grown up, but a quick look at their online catalogue (which I really should have done before I bought it) proved me wrong.

If I had bought it from Target when I first saw it, I would've only paid $5, instead of the $7.99 that I got it for at Savers.

Total spent: $7.99
Total saved: $-2.99

When I was younger I had a red gumball machine on a huge stand that was around my height (although I was, and still am, very short), and have always wanted to get another one. This isn't the same colour, or size, nor does it have a stand, but it was too cute to walk away from.

It took me a while to find this exact machine online as there was no label, but I managed to match the markings on the grey area to a seller on eBay who had an abundance of them for $27.95 each. I only spent $4.99, which is making me feel better for losing out with the ice cream money box!

Total spent: $4.99
Total saved: $22.96

The next item is an ice cream/waffle cone cup by Maxwell & Williams (yes, I did notice that most of my purchases were candy and sweets related). I will most likely never use this cup, but it will still look so cute on my shelves nonetheless.

I found some white versions online for £5.99, or $10.15 AUD. Quite pricey for one cup, but I do thoroughly enjoy Maxwell & Williams products. Still, I am glad I only paid $2.99 for mine!

Total spent: $2.99
Total saved: $7.16

I've been getting back into reading lately, but had no books that I was dying to read, so I decided to have a look for some more. I've read, and loved, Augusten Burroughs' jaw-dropping book Running with Scissors, so when I saw his name on the spine of this book, I quickly picked it up. Book Depository has it for $21.53, but I managed to get it for $3.99.

I also got the Life of Pi, because I'm a firm believer in reading the classics, the "mainstream", the books that everybody and their sister has read - because, if that many people have bothered to read it, then it must be worthwhile. It is $12.37 on Book Depository, but I only paid $2.99 for mine.

When I saw Falling Leaves on the shelf, I actually gasped out loud. Back in my first Sunday Savings post, I talked about a book I bought called Chinese Cinderella. I finally got around to reading it this week, and finished it in one day. I loved it. It was heartbreaking and impossible for me to put down. I then did some research and discovered that Chinese Cinderella is basically the revised version of Adeline's first book, Falling Leaves, which I knew I had to read. I am very eager to learn more about this wonderful writer's harsh childhood. Book Depository sells it for $17.19, which is quite good for an autobiography, but still not as good as the $2.99 that I paid for it.

Total spent on books: $9.97
Total saved on books: $41.12

~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~                ~

This next purchase is definitely mine and Daniel's favourite of the week, even though we may have paid too much. We had a quick look on eBay (once again, after we had already bought it) and saw them for a range of prices. One person was selling a Nintendo 64 and a controller for $149, but then another person was selling one with a controller and 3 games for $91. We justified our purchase because it came with a 3 month warranty, and wouldn't have to be shipped to us if we were to buy it online, which may damage it. We're going to keep it even if it doesn't work though, because it's a cool thing to have on our shelves.

There was a Mario Kart game there as well, but as we went to buy it, we were told that it was already sold on their web shop and that we couldn't get it, so that was a bit disappointing. It also means we'll have to wait to find a game we like before we can really test if it works, but when we plugged it in it lit up, so that's promising.

I keep going back and forth between thinking how awesome it is that we now have a Nintendo 64, and crying because we spend way too much money on things we don't use, but what's done is done. It's cool to think that we have something that is still revered 20 years after its debut, and one day these consoles are going to be nearly impossible to find (whereas right now they're merely very difficult to find), and we'll be two of the lucky people that still have one!


I mentioned in my birthday post that Daniel bought me some new shelves to house my ever-growing knickknack collection and, after today's shopping spree, they are officially filled up. It only took me roughly two weeks, which is quite alarming, and definitely proof that I need to slow down on the shopping - especially since Daniel and I want to completely spoil each other this Christmas.

Have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas? Because I really do. I'm so excited to decorate the house, bring out all my Christmas ornaments, and make cute Christmassy crafts. I even have a Pinterest board filled with different DIY decorations, recipe ideas and other Christmas-related things to help fuel my inspiration - but don't worry, you'll read all about it throughout the month of December!

Until next time,
Indya xx