Friday, 4 November 2016

Adventure #11: Artspace Realm

Whilst the National Gallery of Victoria is my favourite gallery that I've visited so far (and I am only realising now that I haven't written a post about it yet, I need to get onto that!), I still love other galleries too. I am always up for a chance to visit a new place, see new pieces of artwork, and learn the names of artists that I hadn't previously heard of.
pieces by Evelyn Coleman, Vernon Ah Kee, Dane Lovett, Chris Bond and Ilya Milstein

pieces by Elizabeth Newman, Janet Burchill, Alan Young, Peter Atkins,
Sandra Eterovic, Kate Daw and Sarah crowEST

That being said, this particular gallery I found by accident. I was actually looking for a library, and I happened to walk into the wrong room (yes, singular. This was a very small, one room gallery that took me a whole 5 minutes to walk through). A perfect example of a happy accident.

Congratulations, 2016
Artist: TextaQueen
Women: The Longest Revolution, 2016
Artist: Katherine Hattam

I love the atmosphere of galleries as much as I love the art. I love seeing the clean, plain walls decorated with artwork. I love how neat everything is, and how well-lit the rooms always are (unless a specific exhibition calls for minimal lighting, which is always interesting, but does not help when I want to take photos), which always makes the artwork stand out.

Hang In There Baby, 2016
Artist: Alice Lang

The Anxiety of Painting, 2016
Artist: Angela Brennan
Left: Untitled, 2016
Artist: Benjamin Aitken
Right: The Sounds of Earth, 2016
Artist: Peter James Smith

I have a list of galleries around Melbourne that I wish to visit - the Heide Museum of Modern Art is at number one, I am dying to go there! - but I'm sure I'll see most of them eventually. Once upon a time I was desperate to move out of this country and live somewhere in Europe, but I've come to realise how much I love Melbourne and how lucky I am to live here, so I don't think I'll ever live anywhere else - which means I have plenty of time to visit all the galleries I want, both big and small!

Until next time,