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Friday, 11 November 2016

Pokemon Collection ♡ Collection Series #3

I used to have reservations about openly admitting that I still like Pokemon, but then I left school and realised that a) a lot of people my age (and even twice my age) still like Pokemon, and b) anyone who would tease me over something that I like isn't someone that I want to be around anyway - and, by now, everyone in my life should know that I love Pokemon. If not, surprise!

Going through all my Pokemon things was actually a little upsetting as I remembered all the Pokemon things I once had (the original Red, the original Gold, FireRed) that are nearly impossible to find now. Still, I love all the things I own, and I love that they're always coming up with new things to bring out.

Most of my Pokemon items are displayed on a set of shelves in my office, behind my desk, which you'll see in the photos. I also have one Pokemon shirt that I forgot about when I was taking these photos, but I found this picture online of it.

top shelf - Piplup and Pikachu plush toys, and a Bulbasaur pillow

second shelf - Monopoly, plush toys, NanoBlocks,
a Mudkip drawing, and a Pikachu figurine 
third shelf - DVDs, videos, mugs,
various figurines and an Umbreon plush toy
fourth shelf - magazines, game guides, books, keychains,
Togepi plush toy, small Mew bag, and a backpack
fifth shelf - Pikachu slippers, Espeon plush toy and a 
Pokemon Tower board game (behind that is a drawing of
the Togepi evolutions by someone 
I went to school with)

~              ~              ~              ~              ~              ~              ~              ~              ~              ~      

contents of the small Mew bag:
various Pokemon marbles

some contents of the backpack: various figurines,
school supplies, wallets and a DS stylus

more contents of the backpack: tin, various cards
split into generations and/or type, booklet on
how to play the Pokemon card game
some newer shiny cards, plus two small holographic cards
more shiny Pokemon cards
the rest of my shiny Pokemon cards, including
some doubles - (sadly, no Charizard)

kept separately - CDs, DS case/cloth/stylus,
empty card packet, two tokens, my old DS with
Pikachu stickers, and my games
close up of my games

I've spent quite a lot of money on Pokemon things, but I've been watching it my whole life, so I don't think I'm going to get sick of it anytime soon. I am still very much a child at heart - those who know me in real life can certainly attest to that - and I don't think I'll ever change. Then again, I don't see why I should.

Until next time,
Indya xx