Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday #5: Donut Edition

I have a weakness for click-bait articles. I get sucked in so easily, especially late at night. Some part of me just HAS to know what dark secrets the cast of Friends were hiding, and which actors played more than one character on Gilmore Girls. I also particularly love the articles that are "[number] things that a [random topic] lover CANNOT live without", so of course I had to read Buzzfeed's article 31 Gifts For Anyone With a Sweet Tooth, since I am a massive sweet tooth, and I was not disappointed.

I found so many things that I definitely do not need and yet simultaneously must have, and the ones that really stood out to me were (of course) donut-related, so I decided to dedicate this week's What I'm Loving post to a bunch of donut themed things that I am in love with.

1. Donut shaped stress balls.
For me, worrying is on par with breathing. It's not something I can particularly help, yet I do it at all times. It's just who I am. I've never actually tried using a stress ball, but I probably should since my constant nail biting habit is not exactly fun. Plus, just the fact that I'd have something donut-shaped in my hand would probably help even more in calming me down.

2. Donut coasters.
I have a set of marble coasters from Kmart that I'm super in love with, and then I have another set of coasters with cupcakes on them that are just for decoration at the moment, but I certainly wouldn't say no to owning this set of donut coasters too!

3. Donut beanbag.
This is actually one of the things I am getting for Christmas! I've been wanting a beanbag for a while since our office is too small for a futon, and I get uncomfortable on my desk chair when I'm reading, so Daniel suggested getting a beanbag. 

I wasn't too fussed about getting one until I saw this one and immediately fell in love, so Daniel got it for me. Just keep in mind that it takes four $12 bags of beans to completely fill it up - which is nearly twice the price of the actual beanbag!

4. Donut pincushion.
I do not use pins and probably never will, but I honestly think this item is genius. The pins look like sprinkles! How adorable is that?! I own a sewing kit, so you never know, this may be useful one day..

5. Donut garland.
I know that garlands and buntings are meant to be for a child's room, but I absolutely love them. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by ice cream and donuts? I also like this similar, and much cheaper, version too.

6. Donut trinket holder.
I already own more trinket holders than I do trinkets, which I justify to myself by saying that I will eventually acquire more trinkets, so it's better to have a place to put them, than to get them and have nowhere for them to go... right? 

Either way, I think this donut trinket holder is adorable and I'm just so grateful that Etsy exists because there's no way I'd ever be creative or talented enough to make something like this.

7. Inflatable pool donut.
Honestly, can you imagine anything more relaxing than lounging on a giant floating donut?

8. Donut mug.
I already own a coffee cup with donuts on it, but I would love a mug that's actually in the shape of a donut, as things shaped like other things is easily one of my biggest weaknesses. (Imagine a donut in the shape of a mug! Now that's something I'd like to see.)

9. Donut tablet stand.
I love this so much I'd nearly go as far as actually buying an iPad or tablet just to have a use for it. I guess I could use it to hold open very thin books while I'm reading, or maybe even as a photo stand.

10. Donut art.
I love art prints, and I own many, but I find it difficult to find donut art that I like as they usually have messages such as "I donut care", and that's just not me. I do care. No matter the circumstance, I care - and because I always care about everything, I worry a lot, which is why I thought this print suited me perfectly. It's got everything I need: the colour pink, a pun, a reminder not to worry, and, most importantly, donuts!


Until next time,
Indya xx