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Monday, 7 November 2016

Where I Write: Mini Office Tour

Daniel and I have (nearly) always had two bedrooms since we moved in together: one to use as our actual bedroom, and one to use an "office". In our office, we each have our own desk. Daniel's desk has his computer, two screens (he has a third but it doesn't fit on his desk), a bunch of PC games, game-related books and a few other random items such as a wooden chess set, a Rubik's cube, etc.

My favourite part of my desk area is the wall behind/above it. I love decorating it with prints, cards and pictures from magazines that make me happy. The design/overall theme has gone through some changes and evolved as I have, but I'm really happy with how it is now.

Pink paint samples card: Bunnings. | Sailor Moon print: Elorasaurus
Birthday card: gift from Daniel. | Deep Space House Plant print: Ashley Ronning
Middle small card: Drunk on Water. | Bunting card + poodle card: Able and Game
Girl with glasses picture: Mel Stringer. | Valentine's card: gift from Daniel. 
Two small cards, left: Able and Game. | Purple mouse picture: Unknown. Perhaps from a magazine. 
The Pinkest Princess card: Mel Macklin. | Ace of Hearts card: I Ended Up Here
Campbell's Soup print: National Gallery of Victoria.

I spend most of my time at my desk, so I try to decorate it with things that will make me happy, as having positive vibes within my home is very important to me, but it does tend to look a little random and scattered as the items aren't really related to one another. I've got a lamp that I never use, and in frames I have my tickets to Taylor Swift's 1989 tour, and a photo of Daniel and I the first time we went to the aquarium together.

The mug with the smily face on it (which is one of the mugs that was missing from my collection post) says "craft makes me happy!", and it's filled with random things such as magnets and hair ties. I've also got some cute little chicken things - I'm not really sure what to call them, but Daniel and I love animals and thought they were adorable - and in a cute cupcake photo holder that I got from Savers is a photo of Daniel and one of my oldest friends, Payden.

I'm not going to lie: my desk hardly ever looks like this. It's usually filled with books, notebooks, random scraps of paper, magazines, catalogues, display folders, and a whole bunch of other stuff, but I organised it for these photos. The pink and orange book on the left is my current visual journal (which you'll see the inside of in a future post), and the pink spotty box is filled with photos, drawings, magazine clippings, stickers, cards, etc that I want to eventually put into my art journal.

The pencil case on the right (which is always jam-packed because I own so much stationary, not that you can really tell from this photo) really stands out like a sore thumb on my pretty n' pink desk, as it is one of the very few things left from my high school days where pink was embarrassing and I had to have a skull on at least one piece of clothing at all times (what dark days those were), but it's not broken or anything so there's really no reason to replace it. The pink mesh thing on the left (which I'm pretty sure is to hold pens/pencils) I got from Savers, and the gridded paper on the left of that is some monthly planners that I drew, since I can't pin my calendar to the wall, and blu-tack wouldn't hold it up.

~                   ~                   ~                   ~                   ~                   ~                   ~                   ~        

Not pictured is all the stuff underneath my desk. I have two bins on either side of me: the left one is recycling, and the right is 'other'. I have a pile of books I want to read, and other notebooks that I don't use as often. I have a book of different coloured and patterned paper, a book on origami, and a magazine holder filled with plastic pockets that contain more magazine clippings for future journal posts, an old tea box filled with craft supplies (which you can see the inside of here), a display folder filled with even more magazine clippings, the board I keep my pin collection on, and an unopened 3D Eiffel Tower puzzle.

While it's certainly not as impressive as some other desk and study areas that I've seen, I really do love my desk. It makes me happy to look at all my pretty artwork on my wall (and it makes me even happier to think that most of them are by female artists!), and I love having an area where I can just sit down and spend hours reading, writing and/or creating - especially since, before I got this desk, I did most of that stuff on my bed or the floor, which really wasn't comfortable. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into (part of) my office area - you'll see a bit more of it when I eventually post my Pokemon collection as well, as that shelf is situated behind my desk.

Until next time,
Indya xx

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